What to do with a Honeycomb

You’ve likely seen a honeycomb and wondered where it comes from. And even more importantly, what do you do with a honeycomb if you have one? The little worker bees make the comb to store their honey, and it’s made from the bees’ waxy secretions. Once they’re filled up, the bees seal the honey with a layer of wax. There are a number of uses for them, and we will cover those in this article.

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Did you know you can eat a honeycomb? It’s incredibly delicious, and if you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? You can eat it like candy for a sweet treat. Or you can crumble it a little to sprinkle on foods such as desserts, ice cream, salads, bread, and more. Add a drizzle of honey to it, and you’ve got a treat you won’t be able to get enough of. And to be clear, just because it’s made of wax doesn’t mean you’re going to feel as if you’re biting into a candle!

Here are some ways you can incorporate your honey into your diet.


Warm a wheel of brie in the oven, slice open the waxy outer shell, and let that cheese melt all over the plate or bowl. If that’s not enticing enough for you, here’s where we’re going to seal the deal. Crumble the honeycomb into small pieces and sprinkle them over the cheese. Add some honey on top for an extra touch of sweetness. Eat it with some dry, salty crackers, and you’ve got a culinary delight you won’t soon forget.


The honeycomb adds a really delicious element to your salad, especially when combined with the tartness of your vinegar dressing and fruits. Just as you would with feta cheese, crumble the comb over the salad, mix it up, and enjoy. Using a honey dressing will only enhance the flavors.


Honey is a wonderful complement to chicken and pork dishes. Create sweet and savory concoctions with your honeycomb by crumbling it and adding it to sauces. It adds a lovely texture and a touch of sweetness.


One of the most obvious choices for using your honeycomb is to add it to your dessert. We recommend starting with an all natural vanilla ice cream, then stirring the comb into it. Pour a nice dollop of honey on top, and enjoy. Or top your brownies, cakes, and pies with the comb for an interesting twist!


Who doesn’t love starting the morning with something sweet? Unlike sugars in breakfast cereals and the like, honey regulates your body’s blood sugar levels and won’t cause you to crash around 10 am. We love adding the comb to yogurt, oatmeal, granola, and smoothies.

We hope these ideas have given you a jumping off point for how to use your honeycomb. And when you want the very best pure raw honey, shop Jake’s Bee Co. today!

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