Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and now’s the time to start looking for gifts! When you’re looking for something sweet for your sweetheart, the gift of honey is perfect. It’s not only wonderful for adding to your drinks and cooking, but you can make a great number of drinks and skincare remedies with it. Whatever you use it for, pure raw honey is an essential in every home, and the perfect gift for anybody.

Jake’s Bee Co. is proud to bring you the highest quality raw California honey, delivered right to your door. We have honey gift packs, individual jars, and the most adorable honey bears. When you’re searching for the perfect gift, especially for the person who has everything, Jake’s Bee Co. is the place to shop. Buy yours online today!

Here are some of the honey gift ideas you can use.

Honey Gift Box

Jake’s Bee Co. offers gift boxes filled with our pure raw honey products, as well as the accessories you need to enhance your experience. Our Large Gift Box leaves the work to us—we pack some of our most popular products into a small wooden crate, pack it with paper, wrap it with a bow, and ship it to you. It comes with a 24 oz. jar of honey, a honey dipper, two small honey bears, two of our lip balms, and a volcano candle. It’s a wonderful way to pamper the one you love!

Tea and Honey

If you have a tea lover in your life, why not add some honey? Buy a large mug or a cup and saucer, then add a honey bear or two to the cup, and wrap it up. Tie it with a pretty bow for a final touch, and you’re set. This is a really lovely honey gift that your special one can take to work or use at home.

Spa Pack

If you know somebody who loves to pamper him or herself, create a honey spa pack. Get a jar of our 24 oz. honey, which will serve as a basis for honey skincare recipes. Next, visit our page of honey skincare ideas, which features honey scrub recipes for your lips, hands, and feet. Find a recipe or two you think he or she will like, and create a gift pack with the ingredients. Pack them up in beautiful paper, put them in a bag, and print the recipes for reference. This is one way to really spoil your significant other!

We hope these ideas to gift the gift of honey have been helpful when you shop for your Valentine’s Day gifts! When you want to show somebody how special they are to you, honey gift packs are a great way to make them feel special. Jake’s Bee Co.’s pure raw honey is made fresh from the many hives we keep throughout central California. To see what all the “buzz” is about, shop online from our store and experience the benefits of pure raw honey today!

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