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The health benefits of raw honey are plentiful. At Jake’s Bee Co., we harvest pure, natural honey right from the source—we keep 1,200 beehives throughout the magnificent state of California and bottle it direct from the hives, preserving the beneficial qualities that local honey brings. The beauty of local honey is that it boosts immunity. It’s wonderful for allergy prevention, healing and preventing infections, and has even been shown to lower blood sugar.

Our honey is nutrient-rich, and the flavor is so potent that most people can use half the honey they would normally use. Raw honey is free from additives or artificial ingredients, making it a health-promoting powerhouse. Use it in drinks, recipes, or drizzle it over a muffin.

Take a look at our pure honey varieties, which rotate seasonally. You will love our wildflower honeys, which are naturally infused with natural flavors, depending on where we harvested it. We’ve paid attention to every detail, right down to our packaging (our no-drip bottles are unbeatable). For your honey skincare needs, try our honey lip balm and be sure to check our blog often for more tips on using raw honey in your skincare regimen.

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