Why Raw Honey is Best

Let’s clear this up right now: not all honey is equal. Yes, it’s all made by bees, but let’s look at one type of honey in particular that has a host of benefits: raw honey. Many people confuse “raw” with uncooked, unsafe, and unsanitary. However, when it comes to raw honey, quite the opposite is true.

Jake’s Bee Co. is headquartered in Valencia, CA and we hold our honey to the highest possible standards. It’s all natural and raw, and we ship it to you in its purest form. When you want nothing but the best local honey, shop at Jake’s Bee Co. today!

Now, let’s dig into what makes raw honey so great!


Higher Antioxidants

Some honey processing methods reduce the nutrient-rich nature of it, which means you’re getting the honey flavor, but not the incredible benefits. Raw honey is rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals and repair damaged cells. Additionally, a study published in 2010 showed that honey played a role in preventing heart disease because of its antioxidants. Another perk of these antioxidants is that they work tirelessly to boost the immune system, fighting off infection.

Potential for Weight Loss

Did you know that Americans, on average, consume 150 pounds of refined sugar every year, not to mention high amounts of high fructose corn syrup? On the other side of that coin, honey consumption falls at roughly 1.3 pounds. Think about this: if you were to swap your sugar for honey, you’re not only getting far more nutrients out of your sweetener, but honey actually helps to control blood sugar and lower triglycerides. Not only that, but a study published by the University of Wyoming found that raw honey stimulates hormones that work to stifle your hunger. Many kinds of honey found in the grocery store were found to be corn syrup that’s flavored to taste like honey, which is why actively seeking out raw honey is key to reaping its health benefits.


Pollen From Local Honey

If you’re lucky enough to live near the source of your local honey producer, you’re in for a big treat. The bees kept at local hives get pollen from nearby flowers. Especially during allergy season, that pollen is all over the place, causing inflammation and all sorts of allergic reactions. However, when you consume pure honey, you’re fighting fire with fire. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey help to quell the histamine response that’s responsible for your itchy nose, watery eyes, and overall discomfort. Consume honey on a daily basis, and over time, your symptoms will begin to decrease.

As you can see, pure, raw honey has numerous benefits to your health that regular store-bought honey just can’t provide. We at Jake’s Bee Co. are committed to harvesting only the highest quality honeys, and sell them in their raw form online. To buy the best raw honey possible, shop from our online store today. We offer a variety of seasonal flavors, sizes, and other honey-based products. Shop now!


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