How to Liquify Raw Honey

When you buy the purest form of honey, raw honey, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that not only tastes delicious, but has numerous health benefits as well. Over time, however, raw honey can crystallize and become impossible to drizzle. While many might think the honey is expired (fun fact: honey never expires!), the good news is that you can liquefy the honey again.

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Here’s what you need to know when it comes to how to liquify raw honey.

Can I Put Honey in the Microwave to Soften it?

Raw honey is the healthiest honey to buy, in part because it’s not heated or pasteurized, which can kill the healthy enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. While popping the jar in the microwave will certainly soften the honey, you’re basically destroying what made you buy it in the first place. Microwaves can heat things up at an incredibly fast rate, giving you little control over the temperature. For this reason, we don’t recommend you put it in the microwave.

Use a Heated Water Bath

A warm water bath is a great way to soften your honey. First things first: if your honey is in plastic, move it to a glass container right away—the last thing you want is melted plastic mixing in! Next, get a saucepan, add a few inches of water, and heat the stove to a low setting. Put the container in. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, now is the good time to invest in one (of course, by now, we mean before you start the process—not when the stove top is on!). Constantly monitor the temperature as it heats, and make sure you don’t go above 105°F. If you reach 115°F, the honey is officially pasteurized. You can gently stir it here and there to speed things up a bit.

Use a Slow Cooker

If you own a slow cooker, you’re in luck. Again, you’re going to have to transfer the contents into a glass container if it isn’t already. Put the jar(s) in, and add water so that ½-¾ of the jar is submerged. Do not put the lid on. Set the slow cooker to warm (or the lowest setting) and let the honey hang out in there all day. Periodically check the temperature to ensure it doesn’t get too hot, and give it a stir here and there. It can take an entire day for the crystals to liquefy, but the slower the process, the better!

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