2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Is it that time of year already? We can hardly believe that the holiday season is upon us, and as everyone is scrambling to find just the right present for a friend or loved one (and we won’t judge if you are looking at gifts for yourself as well!), Jake’s Bee Co. has put together a holiday gift guide.

Pure California raw honey is our specialty at Jake’s Bee Co., and we are passionate about producing nothing but the purest honey possible. Our natural honey products include several varieties of honey, as well as lip balm, shirts, hats, and more. Show your love for bees and honey when you shop online with us today!

Here are some of the hottest honey products you can get right now.

Stocking Stuffers

Few things are cuter than the 2 oz Squeezable Honey Bear. These are just the right price to buy in bulk and pop in your loved ones’ stockings at $3.50 each. And for your workplace warriors, get one for yourself to stash in your desk—they’re a fantastic size to keep in a desk drawer or even a purse. They are available in three flavors.

Buy our Beeswax Lip Balm 5-Pack and you’ll be a hit. Beeswax is super moisturizing, and when combined with the benefits of shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint oil, and vitamin E, is a powerhouse of nutrients and relief. Chapped, cracked lips don’t have a chance against our lip balm!

Raw Honey Gift Sets

The cool thing about our raw honey gift sets is that they come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and honey varieties. Here’s what you can get.

3-Pack Squeezable Bottle: If you’re gifting somebody who has little ones, the 12 oz. squeezable bottle is going to be a dream. The bottle is a no-drip design, so the honey will stay in the bottle and go only where they want to put it! No more wiping the sides of the bottle and wondering if you’ve actually eaten any!

3-Pack Glass Jar: The glass jar set is a set of three 12 oz. glass jars. They’re beautifully designed, and once the honey is used up, you can clean them up and reuse them. They’re a great size for using a spoon or for drizzling right out of the jar.

2-Pack Glass Jar: This is perfect for the honey power user. Two 24 oz. jars contain our Orange Blossom and Sierra Nevada Wildflower varieties. Nothing will light up your recipient’s face quite like receiving these big guys!


The official Jake’s Be Co. Honey T-shirt comes in black, and has our logo printed on the front and the back. When you gift this shirt, you’re not only showing some love for the recipient, you’re showing some love for your local beekeeper!

Our selection of hats come in three varieties. Each is embroidered with our signature honeybee and features a stretch mesh design for the perfect fit.

The holidays are fast approaching and the time to shop is now. Get your stocking stuffers, raw honey gift sets, and apparel when you shop at Jake’s Bee Co. today!

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