The Benefits of Raw Honey for Allergies

The Benefits of Raw Honey for Allergies - Jake's Bee Co.


Seasonal allergies can cause severe discomfort and the symptoms can really disrupt our lives. For years, people have talked about using local raw natural honey to help, and numerous studies have been conducted that support these claims.

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Here are some of the ways local raw honey help allergy and hay fever symptoms.

Power Anti-inflammatory

An allergic reaction is the body’s histamine response kicking into gear to rid the body of allergens (pollen, dust, and so on). This causes the blood vessels to swell up, allowing your body’s white blood cells to move more quickly through your system. While this process is certainly efficient, the downside is that your nose turns red and drips nonstop, your eyes swell and water, and you sneeze far more often than is normal. Raw honey is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, which means it’ll go to work to reduce the swelling, itchiness, redness, and other reactions your body is having.

Pain Relief

With the anti-inflammatory response comes pain, especially when your nose is raw after blowing it so much! You can add some honey to your tea, or you can treat it like a facial mask and apply it directly to the area that’s inflamed. It will reduce the swelling and redness, and calm down the pain receptors that are bugging you.

Increased Nutrients

When your body is feeling down, the best thing you can do for it is consume foods and drinks packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Raw honey that hasn’t been pasteurized or processed still contains pollen and propolis, which contribute to its nutritional value. Additionally, the bifidobacteria is preserved. Bifidobacteria is a probiotic that improves digestion and boosts immunity in addition to its allergy relief properties.

Respiratory Relief

One of the most apparent symptoms of allergies is frequent coughing and sneezing. As you can see already, raw California honey is great for soothing the pain and inflammation associated with coughing. But a recent study published by Pediatrics found evidence that pure raw honey all by itself is enough to suppress coughing, and allowed the participants in the study to sleep better.

When you need allergy relief, California raw honey could provide some much-needed relief. Be certain that you’re only using a pure form of honey rather than a store-bought brand that might not even be honey at all. Consuming it by itself, rather than mixing with tea, gives you a more potent dose.

For the best natural honey products and raw honey gift sets, shop online at Jake’s Bee Co. We have beehives all over central California, producing California raw honey of several varieties that change with the seasons. To get relief for your seasonal allergies, or to buy the gift of a raw honey gift set, shop with us today!

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