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Jake’s Bee Co was founded by Jake Morren in 2015 when he recognized the high and persistent demand for bees and their pollination services in the agricultural industry. With bees come honey, and Jake quickly began garnering a lot of interest in his honey from the local community.

While many beekeepers choose to sell their honey in bulk, Jake saw an opportunity to create another facet to his local honey business. With 1,200 beehives located throughout Central California, Jake’s Bee Co. bottles raw honey direct from the hives to maintain the honey’s most pure and natural form. This preserves all the tremendous health benefits that local honey has to offer.

Jake’s Bee Co also has available for purchase a therapeutic mint lip balm made with beeswax, as well as Jake’s Bee Co. apparel.

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Honey for Sale - About Jake's Bee Co
Jake and his wife Abbey reside in Visalia, CA with their daughter Brooklyn, and are currently expecting daughter #2.

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