How Honey Benefits the Skin

Honey is delicious and has multiple benefits to the body. But did you know that honey has many benefits for the skin, too? Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, is antibacterial, and full of antioxidants. We’ll go into some of the ways these properties can make your skin look and feel better.

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Read on for some of the ways honey is beneficial to your skin.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatories help to reduce pain and swelling, so when you have a sunburn, rash, or healing acne, honey can help to soothe your symptoms. Even those who have suffered minor burns have found relief after spreading honey over their wound. Start with clean, dry skin and use your fingertips to spread a small amount on the skin. Allow it to sit on the skin for about half an hour, then gently wipe it off. Honey’s moisturizing benefits can mean that you won’t even have to apply lotion afterward. If you feel that the honey is too drippy, you can mix it with some oatmeal that you’ve pulverized in a blender for a more pasty consistency.

Jake's Bee Co.Antioxidants

Oxidation leads to aging, and when combined with exposure to the sun, can lead to darkening of the pigments. Honey contains polyphenols, potent antioxidants that can help to repair the cells and lighten dark spots caused by the sun. You can apply it to your face, neck, and decollete a few times a week as a mask mixed with other beneficial ingredients such as pulverized oatmeal, lemon juice, yogurt, and avocado (stay tuned to our blog for mask recipes!). Applying the mask 2-3 times a week will keep your skin moist and looking great!


Acne breakouts can be painful and cause scarring, so taking extra care of your face with local honey will help to reduce the inflammation, help the healing process, and fight the bacteria that causes the acne. Honey’s antibacterial properties have been shown to fight MRSA, a deadly strain Staph infection, as well as other forms of staph. As for acne, you can mix honey with a little bit of cinnamon and apply it to your face for half an hour once a week.

Honey’s benefits to the skin are more powerful than many might think, so adding these simple applications to your skincare regimen could help with stubborn skincare issues. And, as always, skincare starts from the inside. Be sure to incorporate honey into your diet, which will help fight infection, inflammation, and oxidation from the inside out.

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